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Golf is such an amazing game which can be enjoyed by all ages and every sector of the community and can be played as a solo golfer through to a team sport such as the Ryder Cup. So, supporting the British Golf Show is a perfect partnership for the UK Golf Federation members who run and operate friendly and welcoming golf courses and driving ranges across the UK. These offer easy access to playing golf as these golfing facilities offer open access and can be the perfect place to start or reunite your interest in golf. Booking is easy using one of the three experiences below and just follow the booking instructions. The UK Golf Federation wish you a wonderful golfing experience and hope it fires you interest to become a regular player, it's a great game!


How to use your unique offer code

If you have received a unique offer code when you booked for the British Golf Show you can enter it on this site to receive a free voucher for one person for one of the above events.

Free register

  • First please Register as an individual golfer - it's Free!.
  • Enter your unique offer code at the top of the registration form.
  • Once you have registered, search for a venue near you featuring one of the British Golf Show events.
  • Choose one of the three event programmes and click to sign-up.
  • Your sign-up request will be sent to the venue using your name and email as reference.
  • The venue will contact you to confirm your booking and make further arrangements.
  • Please bring your confirmation with you on the day of your experience.
  • Have a great time!

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