The UK Golf Federation

The UK Golf Federation are committed to:

'Represent, support and champion the needs, opportunities and opinions of golf course owners, operators and participants in the UK'

How do we do this:
- By preserving the core values of golf and the best interests of all owners, operators and participants
- By supporting growth in participation and ensuring accessible golf for all
- By championing dynamic change to help golf move successfully into the 21st century and beyond

What do we do:
- Regular communication with various other golfing bodies, taking opinions and needs forward to influence the key decision makers in the golf industry
- Providing access to expert industry advice through the UKGF board of directors
- Running regular events to provide ideal opportunities for networking and business development

Our Members Offer and Support "OPEN ACCESS TO GOLF" 

The UK Golf Federation was formed in June 2018 with its main aim of improving open access to golf for everyone. This has two main strands:

1. To help golfers find user-friendly venues.
2. To help and support venues providing open access to golfers.

 Our History

The UK Golf Federation grew from the UKGCOA, whose board members will continue to guide UK Golf Federation for the foreseeable future. The UKGCOA realised that it needed to be more focused on customers rather than its past concerns about uneven taxation in the golf world. The UKGCOA undertook a comprehensive review resulting in the formation of the UK Golf Federation.


Join up your Course to the UK Golf Federation

Venue Membership - for courses, clubs, ranges and golf centres

All courses, clubs and ranges which offer open access to the facility most of the week are eligible to register. You are very welcome to register for free today. As a registered venue, your facility will be added to the directory of UK Golf Federation courses and this will be seen any UK Golf Federation golfer looking to play in your area. All of the benefits below are available absolutely free:

An enhanced and interactive listing on the directory of courses and venues. Your listing will allow for special offers to be seen easily promoting the quieter times at your course when you would welcome more trade. You will have complete access to edit this function throughout your membership.
Members will be promoted regionally with each UK Golf Federation individual member newsletter.
You will be eligible to host official UK Golf Federation events at your venue and these will promoted to individual members.
Member venues will be able to use our branding and logo at their venue and in their marketing materials.
A regular newsletter, which will contain the latest news on the Federation and from the golf industry.

For those wishing to support the new Federation to a greater extent, then we would love to welcome you as Premium Members of the Federation. Premium Membership costs just £240 per annum plus VAT and has the following benefits as well as those listed above:
1. Access to our AGM with full voting rights and the opportunity to stand for election to the board.
2. Guaranteed place at GolfBIC and the AGM..
3. Access to the board members for advice and additional networking.
4. You will be contributing to our ongoing work in lobbying government and other bodies for a better deal for our member venues.

All Golfers registering from the UK with the UK Golf Federation will initially be offered:

1. A free newsletter.
2. Special offers from welcoming courses.
3. Other special deals.
4. Special events exclusively held at UK Golf Federation venues.

In the future we will be seeking to add other services and benefits for the individual members of the UK Golf Federation. 

Best of all we are able to offer all these benefits for FREE. This is not just free in the short-term, it is genuinely our intention never to charge to be an individual member of the UK Golf Federation. Everybody is welcome men, women, girls, boys. 

There are no age restrictions.
All individual members will have access to a directory of member clubs. This will be updated as clubs and courses join the Federation. Some of these courses will give discounts to members of the UK Golf Federation, all will give a warm welcome to those wishing to visit their facilities.