Some relevant questions answered about the UK Golf Federation.

Why was the UK Golf Federation set up?
The UK Golf Federation was formed when the UKGCOA changed its name and focus in June 2018. Previously the UKGCOA had only looked after the interests of golf course owners and operators and was set up to ensure that golf course operators were treated more fairly in relation to various taxation issues affecting the golf industry. This representation will continue and the board of the UK Golf Federation will always be made up of golf facility owners and operators.
In addition, we will be encouraging more independent golfers to play more golf. Independent golfers are the largest group of players in the UK and currently have no representation whatsoever. Their rights to pay and play need to be supported. The UK Golf Federation will become a much more relevant and useful body as a result of these changes.

Who should join the UK Golf Federation?
All golf facilities that welcome visitors should register with the Federation. We are seeking to offer more playing opportunities for independent golfers at courses that look to welcome them.

Who runs the UK Golf Federation?
The Federation is run by a board of directors with vast experience in the golf industry. 

Is the UK Golf Federation a governing body?
No, the UK Golf Federation is not a governing body nor does it seek to become one. It is a Federation of golf courses and golf facilities coming together to promote the game and ensure open access for the public to member golf facilities. It is only right and proper that those who run the courses, clubs and golf centres should have a fair say in how the game is run and any future changes that may be needed to improve the sport.

How is the UK Golf Federation funded?
We have several key sponsors who contribute to our economic wherewithal and we charge membership fees for those wishing to be premium members of the Federation. We receive no government funding and rely on a lot of volunteer activity from board members and others within the membership.

Why is the Federation also representing individual golfers?
It was decided that the Federation would perform two tasks, one looking after its existing courses and a growing number of additional venues wishing to join, and two that it should look after individual, independent golfers. Independent golfers have no voice in the industry, yet it is quite clear that they are the most important sector. It is hard to measure them exactly by number, but there are at least 3.5 million independent golfers not attached or affiliated to a club in the UK. These independent golfers are vitally important to any club, which has an open access policy. If a green fee tax were to be imposed by any golf authority, then these independent golfers would be directly affected and greatly disadvantaged and so would courses and clubs. It is a stated goal of the UK Golf Federation that any attempt to place a green fee levy, tariff or tax on these players will be met with complete resistance.

The UK Golf Federation formally known as the UKGCOA - (The UK Golf Course Owners Association) - is a Registered company limited by guarantee No.13501309 Registered in England and Wales. Offices at  20 Market Hill, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 0HF and Tel: 44 (0) 7398 927647