The UK Golf Federation  Series Of GolfBIC Roadshows Proves a Huge Success

Themed Around Operating Golf Facilities Sustainabily and Supporting Carbon Neutral Golf

The series of three Roadshows covered the length of the UK from London at Hounslow Park Golf Centre to the beautiful setting of Brampton Park Golf Course in Cambridgeshire and finally to the new and amazing GolfIt! Centre in Scotland. All the events focused on the increasingly important theme of sustainability and delved into ways that golf courses and facilities can operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Presentations by Daniel Lightfoot, Director of the R&A sustainability team and Professor Robbie Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of the GEO Foundation, provided valuable insights into new and innovative ways golf courses can reduce their environmental impact.

The event was supported by 7 leading golf industry companies, each sharing their own experiences and strategies for operating more sustainably. These were all presented by leaders from within the golf industry including Ed Pettit, MD of Carr Golf, speaking about their methods of management for golf courses and Pure Hydration, a specialist company in developing and manufacturing advanced water purification and filtration systems, outlining how one use plastics can be removed from golf courses waste.

Andrew Agnoli, General Manager at Hounslow Golf Park commented, "the Roadshows highlighted the importance of sustainability in the golf industry, as well as the role that golf courses and facilities can play in promoting environmental awareness and responsibility within the community".

Marc Newey, Chief Executive of Roehampton Club reflected on his attendance at our second roadshow and said, "two of my staff attended the Roadshow at Hounslow and I went to Brampton in Cambridge and all of us found them both to be very informative. We have compared notes on what we feel we need to improve and what we need to get started on at Roehampton Club. We thought we were ahead of the game in some respects but now realise there is so much to catch up to hit our aim of being carbon neutral by 2030."

The recent Golf BIC day was very informative. With engaging speakers covering a wide range of the golf industry it was great to hear the way each of them is tackling the big issue of sustainability. From growing the game to environmental issues, it gave you actionable takeaways to consider in your workplace in how you can ensure your business is sustainable.

GolfBIC is the events programme for the UK Golf Federation and its format changes every year to enable its awareness to the golf industry trends to be exciting and informative for its 1,200 plus proprietary and commercially operated golf facility members to keep ahead of golf industry developments.

Doug Poole CEO of the UK Golf Federations, praised the inclusion of sustainability-focused topics in the GolfBIC Roadshows, stating that it allows the organisation to reach a wider audience of its 1,200+ members. He noted that the presentations were exceptional and covered a range of areas related to operating a golf facility, which will help owners and operators better understand and manage their business in a sustainable way.

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