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However, we cannot do this alone, we need your help! This will need to be a nationwide effort from all golf associations, businesses, press, courses and golfers. It will require all of our effort and care. We want to update you with our plans and how we aim to not only survive but thrive in this situation, and also provide some value to ensure your safety.

Our partners, Albatross Digital, have created a variety of content and copy to share out to your databases and all channels you wish to choose, in order to share the petition with as many people as possible. Keep reading and watch any guides you need to in order to share across every platform you have available.

Content How to download the content How to share on Instagram How to share on Facebook How to share on LinkedIn How to share on Twitter How to share by email #KeepGolfOpen Content Here is a shared dropbox folder of content you may wish to share and repurpose along the theme of #KeepGolfOpen These images and videos are a sign of unity for all those in the industry and using these posts will aid in getting the message as far and as wide as possible. In the folder you will find: • Main Logo • Instagram Square • Instagram Portrait • Social media story (can be used on all social media) • FB banner • Twitter header • LinkedIn banner • LinkedIn cover • LinkedIn hero • Profile Photo (any social media) • Petition video Social Media Copy Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: Long copy In this hour of need, the golf industry will be looking to it’s leaders to help navigate them through these unknown times.

Just short of 2 million people play golf each week, many are under 70 years old! The loss of their recreational activity, social discussions and time spent with friends and partners walking in fresh air will be lost and could have serious unnecessary long-term effects on the health, physical and mental wellbeing of these golfers.

Together, we have the ability to create a viral petition that can reach these 2 million golfers through every channel possible and get our message across to the government to #KeepGolfOpen. Sign and share the petition here: Twitter and Short Copy: It is more critical than ever that we rise as a collective and face the challenges ahead within our golfing industry.

Support this petition today to share the message to the government to #KeepGolfOpen. Sign and share the petition here: Email Copy Feel free to use this as a guide or template to send emails out to your members to grow awareness. *** START *** Subject: #KeepGolfOpen Main copy: Attention all golfers... In spite of the uncertainty and fear around the unprecedented COVID-19, a petition has been initiated in order to #KeepGolfOpen and to raise awareness to our government that now is not the time to close our courses in the United Kingdom.

We believe golf is one of the safest places in our current environment as it requires no person to person contact. You have the ability to change in the car park, there is no reason to take the flag out these days and likely you can always remain two metres apart from your playing partners. We hope this petition will be the catalyst in helping members, golfers, golf club employees, managers, and all those in our industry share our message to the government and the country to #KeepGolfOpen and emerge stronger.

We cannot do this alone, which is why we need your help! A nationwide effort is required for all golfers to share this petition with everyone who loves this great game. We are at such a critical and pivotal time and we need your support and care more than ever. We want to update you with our plans and how we aim to not only survive but thrive in this situation, and also provide some value to ensure your safety.

To sign the petition, please click here! Please act urgently and share the petition by forwarding with your friends, family and fellow golfers so we can #KeepGolfOpen! *** END *** Feel free to use as much or as little the content and copy templates provided above. If you do decide to get involved with #KeepGolfOpen by sharing and raising awareness to your members and those in the industry, then you will be supporting those in such a pivotal time and your participation will be gratefully appreciated.

Doug Poole – CEO – UK Golf Federation Phone: 07711665247 Email: Website: UK Golf Federation, Unit 64, 6th Street, Stoneleight Park, CV8 2LG, UK