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Albatross Digital Offer Free Website Chatbots

It is said an enormous 70% of visitors who leave your website will never return. To counteract this, the Albatross Chatbot can be added to any website and is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This enables businesses to communicate with customers and automatically handle detailed booking enquiries around the clock for your sales team to follow up.

Most people will have encountered Chatbots online as there has been a huge growth in recent years on websites across all industries including high street banks, airlines and the NHS. "Chatbots are an essential marketing tool for any business in the modern world looking to improve their customers’ online user experience as well as generate hundreds more enquiries.

Gone should be the day where website visitors struggle to find the enquiry page on a website or leave enquiries that go unanswered for days” said Albatross Digital Founder, James Wilkinson. "The Albatross Chatbot will deliver enquiries for membership, societies, green fees, events, weddings and more straight into your requested team members’ email inbox and will even give real time updates during the COVID-19 lockdown so customers know your club status. "Our marketing team and I have set aside enough time to build 10 chatbots for golf clubs per day and they will be offered on a first come first served basis.

The chatbots will be free of charge until at least the 31st May 2020, after which they may incur a small charge to help us cover costs. However, I have no doubt that clubs by that point will have benefited from the huge value they bring.”

To view a demo visit the Albatross Digital website where you can sign up instantly in a matter of minutes: