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World’s Biggest Golf Lesson

PGA Professional Coaches are joining forces to deliver the World’s Biggest Golf Lesson – a world record attempt based around putting – all from their Instagram Live accounts, under the slogan of "Fundraising for NHS Charities Together”.

This is a unique way for all PGA Coaches to reach out to their customers during our social isolation, by giving a putting lesson for a great cause. As a charity providing life changing opportunities for young people through golf, our Golf Foundation team gives a shout-out to all our PGA friends – if you have the time to join in with this excellent home coaching initiative, see more now at TARGET OF ONE MILLION GOLFERS It is hoped that PGA Coaches will teach one million golfers on May 5th, all around the world, raising funds for many health good causes.

With a target of raising £10,000 for the NHS in the UK, the World’s Biggest Golf Lesson will offer some fantastic putting tips for families as we all continue to #GolfatHome. Look out for the hashtag #050520 on social media – your fellow PGA Coaches are making a ‘W’ with their fingers and thumbs so they can nominate coaching buddies to join in. We would love to hear from PGA Coaches connected with our charity on this. Let us know your stories and how many young people you reach on May 5th.

The World’s Biggest Golf Lesson was the idea of Paul Ring, of Sharpshooters Junior Golf, and Gavin Grenville-Wood, of Leadbetter Kids Golf, with a number of Golf Foundation colleagues from the PGA ranks among the founding group, including: John Glenn of Colour Path Golf, Tom Hefford from Golf Cubs and Aaron Lansberry of AL Junior Academy. TELL US YOUR JUNIOR COACHING STORIES If taking part remember, it’s 2pm UK time on May 5th, from your Instagram Live account. If you are new to Instagram it doesn’t take long to work it all out. Meanwhile, tell us all your stories re coaching your juniors at @GolfRootsHQ (Twitter), @TheGolfFoundation (Facebook) and Instagram on golf_foundation_org Together, let’s see if just 30 minutes of coaching, live to the world next Tuesday, can reach 1 million golfers!