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Outstanding Service Brings Jacobsen to Thorpeness Golf Club and Hotel
Course Manager, Wallace Wilson, has been plying his trade on the Suffolk coast for eight months having previously been in charge at Milngavie Golf Club in Scotland where he worked closely with Jacobsen dealer, Fairways. An ageing fleet which required a lot of maintenance was due to be replaced at Thorpeness, and Wallace’s experience with Fairways and the reliability of the mowers meant Jacobsen was the preferred option. "Back-up service is off the charts in terms of importance for us,” Wallace explains. "It makes a huge difference to what we’re doing. We’re under pressure all the time, especially early mornings, to get stuff done and we need to have that confidence that’s going to take place. "Reliability and back-up from Fairways was absolutely impeccable, I can’t say that enough, I’ve said that to everyone down here, and it was such a big factor. Ernest Doe so far has been fantastic with us through the lockdown period, and they helped us out with loads of bits and pieces before the deal was done. So I’m grateful to them for that and that really shaped where we were looking towards. "The machines also proved themselves to be really capable of what we want to be doing, so it was certainly a big factor and looking towards that here and what Ernest Doe have come up with is a really good package. "In terms of features, Jacobsen greens-wise for the GP400 in-particular is renowned in terms of quality of cut, so that is obviously a massive factor for us when we’re looking at anything. And having used the GPs before I’ve had great reliability overall, certainly over a five-year period, so that really shaped where we were looking to go with the GPs. In terms of the TR330, it was a newer machine to me, so once we’d had a look at that and demoed it, again it was perfectly suitable for what we are using it for here. The guys absolutely love using that, and it’s one of the most comfortable machines they’ve used. "Both those points, the quality of cut and comfort of the machine are majorly important, and sometimes people overlook the comfort side. But the guys are sitting there from early freezing cold mornings quite often right throughout the day. So they need to be comfortable, and they work a lot better when they’re comfortable. Again, the ease of set-up in terms of the cutting units is really simple and efficient. You hardly have to set them really, they stay on cut so well, and the quality of cut you get, particularly from the GP400 is second to none in my opinion.” Thorpeness are one of many clubs who have opted for set monthly payments that include servicing and maintenance from Ernest Doe since the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect businesses in the United Kingdom. By having fixed costs, clubs are avoiding any unexpected payments throughout the year and can operate their course maintenance with confidence. For more information on the Jacobsen range of machines, visit or contact your local dealer.