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Jacobsen Production Begins in UK with the First Ever HR800 Wide-Area Rotary Mower
The completion of the first-ever fully built Jacobsen HR800 mower is a seminal moment for the brand. Production has been moved to the factory in Ipswich, UK so investments in skills and developments in mower production could be focused on a single facility. That skill and expertise has been channeled into the new HR800 high-performance large area rotary mower. Jacobsen Key Account Manager Andre Andrade, who hails from Augusta, GA has observed the progress of the mower throughout the build and is excited to see the HR800 kick-off Jacobsen production in Ipswich. “It has been great to start production of the HR800, and to see the first fully assembled machine is exciting,” Andre begins. “Bringing all Jacobsen production to England is an important step for us, and everyone at the factory has been eager to get it underway. The situation with Coronavirus has caused challenges all over the world, but for us, it has solidified our relationship with our colleagues in America who have assisted our Production Team Leader, Matt Pipe, during construction. “Matt has worked almost singlehandedly, producing this mower, and as a result, we now have someone who is an expert. When it comes to customer support, that will be a huge asset because in Matt we have someone who can offer in-depth advice because he has an insight into that machine that no one else has. Over time that knowledge will be shared with the engineers in the factory and the sales team, so we will all have a strong understanding of the product as we do with the others we produce here.” The mower Matt has dedicated his time and efforts to is Jacobsen’s most powerful with the widest cut. Productivity is a crucial aspect of every turf maintenance operation, and with the HR800, Jacobsen has created a mower that works where you need it to and when you need it to. Completing this project has taken over two months, from picking parts from pallets to the finished mower. It has been Matt’s biggest challenge in his eight years at Ransomes Jacobsen and one he has taken great pride in. He explains: “I’ve been here for eight years, and I was around for the BETA build of the MP, so to be able to do this is quite something for me. I’m really proud of what we produce here at the factory, and I’m proud to be able to say that I was the first to build the HR800 in the UK. “It has been a unique opportunity to learn everything about this mower because we started with technical drawings and parts on pallets through to the finished product. Doing that means I’ve been able to use what I already know and work with the production engineers on certain areas, and Antans Lukisis on the hydraulic system so I’ve constantly been learning throughout the process. I think that’s what has made it so enjoyable.” The HR800 features a powerful 74hp Kubota® turbo diesel engine that takes the 192 in. (4.9 m) width of cut wherever you need it, and onboard systems ensure consistent professional mowing in the harshest of conditions. MARBAIN® Boron Alloy Steel blades deliver the cut quality you’d expect from a Jacobsen unit. Whether you’re cutting golf course roughs, racecourses, or parks and minimal required maintenance gets you cutting quickly and keeps you there until the job is done. -ENDS-