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STREAMLINED TYM RANGE FROM REESINK Versatility and value reimagined in new generation of tractors
The range from Reesink is now comprised of four customer favourites, including subcompact and compact models, and offers a wide range of solutions for the UKs sports venues and golf courses, contractors, landscapers and equestrian customers. In response to EUs emission regulations, three of these models the T255, T395 and T555 come with a Stage V compliant diesel engine, which limits the amount of particulate matter produced in an effort to reduce air pollution. 

 Steven Haynes, tractor sales manager at Reesink, TYMs official UK distributor, says: "TYM went through a major overhaul at the end of 2020 to prepare for the next 70 years, showing its commitment to investing in engineering that drives performance, and the result is a customer-focused redesign that provides versatility and value. "At Reesink we went through a similar process of listening to our customers and streamlining our offering into four favourites. Theres a horsepower option suitable for all fine turf and sports requirements and attachments available from Reesink to ensure all jobs are catered for. Available from Reesink are the 19hp T194, the 25.3hp T255, the 37hp T395 and 55hp T555. Steve continues: "There are some clever features to the range. The T255, for example, is Stage V compliant but avoids the need for expensive exhaust treatments such as a DPF filter, keeping costs down for the customer. 

Its also now able to synchronise the HST pedals with the engine throttle for much simpler, and less tiring, operation. Plus, following customer feedback, it now comes with one set of spool valves as standard, rather than as an optional accessory. "The T555 produces more power than its predecessor while still maximising on fuel efficiency, while the updated panel has a new digital element that shows the tractor hours, fuel gauge and information on the engine and emission system make for much-improved user control. What all four have in common is a new look, Steven comments: "The new look is sleek, bold and eye-catching and will appeal to all customers, while the redesign brings superior ergonomics and operator-focused interiors with robust and aesthetically designed exteriors to set TYM apart. 

To find out more about the TYM range and the tractor attachments available from Reesink call 01480 226800, email, or visit ENDS