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New Initiative to introduce more black women to golf
"These ladies had little or no prior experience with golf. So the idea was to dispel some of the myths that had previously prevented them from getting into the game," explained Trey. "Some had previously been to golf clubs, but felt that they didn’t fit in. 

Some simply didn’t know how to start playing”. When trying to get into golf for the first time it’s only natural for there to be lots of questions. Without golf experience as a child, or without friends or family that play, golf can be an intimidating sport. Trey explains that these chats are the perfect chance to answer some basic questions and help understand golf in an informal environment. 

Such as "what is a driving range and how is it different from a golf course? Do I need my own clubs? What clothes do I wear? These are questions that we can answer and put their mind at ease when first stepping into a golf facility.” The first BBG Ladies Intro To Golf session was mostly an introduction to golf. And for some women, gave them a chance to hit their first ever golf shot. Niven commented "It went really well and the ladies that attended all had a great time. One lady had never played golf before and it was her first time at a golf facility. 
Another had played before, but a very long time ago. Both of them felt at ease for the whole session and the time flew by. "The most important thing was that they had fun and felt at ease at a golf facility. Feedback was that the session covered everything they hoped and were keen to know when the next one would be.” The community element with like minded people is so important when taking up golf for the first time. People can share their journey, compare notes and encourage each other. 

Niven plans to run a BBG women’s session every fortnight, progressing to getting out on to a golf course. Encouraging more black women to start playing golf is one of Niven’s primary focus’. Whether through lessons, driving range practice or joining a golf society. With the end goal of them becoming members at local golf clubs. He added: "It will be amazing to see the ladies progress from their first visit to a golf facility and holding a golf club. They already progressed so much in one session, so it will be great to see them develop.” In addition to the women’s sessions, 

Trey hopes to organise BBG junior classes in the near future. Interested parties can keep up with all his great work on his Instagram page - @treynivenpga or