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Inrange expands UK footprint to Northern Ireland
2022 has been a busy year for Inrange® golf. The technology company has landed deals in multiple new regions (Australia and Asia have sites going live this calendar year), as well as expanding their footprint in Europe. On top of this, their presence in the UK continues to grow, with their 11th partner range in the territory - Laganview Golf Centre - recently agreeing a partnership. Located between Belfast and Lisburn, Northern Ireland, the site is easily accessible to both cities and surrounding areas. This two-tier, 50 bay range is equipped with floodlights , allowing players to practice day or night, rain or shine, 7 days a week and is aiming to create a fully featured experience range for every visitor, with Inrange®. Having tried the Inrange® system themselves, the Laganview board knew they had found the right partner to help them bring their vision to life. "When we went in search of the right technology partner we were extremely excited and intrigued with the capabilities of the software and were amazed at how much fun we had. We found ourselves wanting to go back and play again. Nigel Rosbotham - Owner of Laganview Golf Centre