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Inrange® heads ‘Down Under’ with game-changing Short Range concept
Not only is this the first Inrange® site on the continent, it is also the first of its kind. Swing City is bringing Inrange®’s market leading range experience - a complete multi-dimensional golf experience, equally appealing to a serious practice player as to someone holding a club for the first time - to Australia, whilst also being the first Inrange® compact site in the world (with a range field shorter than 100 meters). 

This is a revolutionary step for the driving range space as a whole. "More and more, we’re working with partners who want to deliver a fully loaded range experience in a compact site” explains Inrange® CEO SJ Marais. "To deliver on this goal, we’ve combined our proprietary radar tracking with algorithms that enable us to accurately record the full flight of a 250 yard drive, within a much shorter space” Typically a new driving range is not commercially feasible within large cities, as real estate is a premium (no more so than in Australia). 

So for Swing City to be able to offer a full driving range experience, in a much more compact space, is going to drive a major return on investment for the development. Norwest (about 35 mins from Sydney) is now set to bring a whole new dynamic to the region. Parent developer Mulpha, has already begun construction and is scheduled to launch in the Australian spring. "With families now making up 64% of households in The Hills, Norwest is ideally located for a diversified leisure and entertainment offering. Swing City will tap into a growing demand from people to enjoy the game of golf in a more family-friendly setting.” Greg Shaw, CEO of Mulpha Group Australia joins Vietnam, The Netherlands, Ireland and Indonesia as new countries to bring in the pink tracers of Inrange® to their region in 2022. 

This growth is something that the company is incredibly proud of, but not surprised by. "We are currently seeing a global revolution in what a great player experience looks like at a driving range. And what we offer our partners truly brings every type of visitor to their venue, which in turn brings a host of other benefits to their overall business” David Rayner, Head of Sales for Inrange® For Swing City, this decision marks a major step in offering their guests the very best visitor experience. "We are proud to be the first to bring the Inrange® experience to Australian shores. 

What they offer perfectly matches our ambitions - to make practice more rewarding, and bring families and friends together on the range” James Cooper, Managing Director of Avid Sports (Swing City Project) Swing City is located on Elizabeth Macarthur Drive, situated between Norwest Private Hospital and Bella Vista, and is due to open its doors in the the final quarter of the year.For more information on the Swing City project contact Sarah Peattie, Peattie Public Relations on 0412 239 633. Full announcement article found here: tality-venue-in-norwest/ 

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