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Bushnell Golf Sponsors UK Competition with Inrange®
As part of the Inrange® practice experience, players can put their skills to the test using a variety of exciting challenges. The newest and arguably most popular to date, has been 'Nearest to Pin' - and Bushnell Golf are stepping into the virtual world with Inrange®, offering all players something to play for. This kind of campaign has already been successfully launched in South Africa - and with an impressive Inrange® footprint in the UK, and over 50,000 players registering a practice session each month in the region alone - Bushnell Golf are incredibly excited to be part of this augmented reality player experience. 

Ben Davis, the Commercial Director for Bushnell Golf at YUMAX Golf, has said: "The driving range space has seldom been seen as a competitive space. But with the work Inrange® is doing, ranges can offer their visitors a whole new experience, and we love that. The opportunity to be part of a 'Nearest to Pin' competition across the UK was a match made in heaven for our brand, and we cannot wait to see how players respond to this new age revolution on the driving range” Bushnell Golf have first movers advantage in the UK with this kind of project, as it is the first of its kind. Using augmented reality to allow brands to engage with players in a way that is targeted, relevant and exciting to players. And with other exciting challenger brands currently engaging with Inrange®, the concept looks set to become something of ‘the norm’ in the near future. 

Marketing Manager of Inrange®, Ian Blunt, has led the charge on bringing innovation to Inrange® players and partners, and is excited to see this project come to life. "We encourage all players to try golf, the Inrange® way. What we mean by that is doing something that they previously haven’t before. With partnerships like this one with Bushnell Golf, we are offering a Practice for Prizes model that has already proved successful in other markets. It is all part of the 'Experience Range' future we are creating - and there are a lot more ideas in the pipeline.” The Bushnell Golf Nearest to Pin competition will run over 2 months (August and September) and is expected to keep bringing players back to the driving range to get on the leaderboards - and there is talks of a one-day showdown event for the players who top their respective leaderboards across the UK. This is a very exciting time for the driving range space. To check out their dedicated player page for this event - click here. Follow Inrange on LinkedIn for all their other news and announcements. ___________________