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Inrange® Golf scoops second SportTech50 award The global ball tracking company has made the top 5 of the honors list for the second year in a row
BusinessCloud is edited by former Daily Mirror and Eurosport journalist Jonathan Symcox, who believes that acknowledging the businesses that are shaping a better future through tech, should be recognized. "Our world is rapidly changing and tech is becoming a part of almost everything we do. Businesses whose sole offering revolves around technology, need to enhance the user experience in an ethical way, while also creating a new way of operating in their sector. 

Within the sports industry, Inrange® is doing a fantastic job of re-creating the way people experience the driving range, and are deserving winners on our list” The ball tracking company has exploded in the last 12 months with sites launching on 2 new continents (Asia and Australasia), as well as expansions in their core markets in the UK and the USA. Inrange® Golf have positioned themselves as the market leaders in The Experience Range concept where the idea of ‘just a bucket of balls’ is no longer good enough for visitors to one of their partner sites. "We’ve worked hard to create a worthwhile and memorable experience for anyone who visits an Inrange® range. The practicing golfer will get stats, shot data, progression information and more every session. While the social player, who cares less about the quality of their shots and more about whether or not they can beat their friends in one of our Inrange+ games - can enjoy a night on the range too” Will Kerr - Head of Products, Inrange® Golf In 2021 Inrange® Golf placed 5th on the rankings list, and this year they’ve jumped up one spot to 4th. No doubt they will continue to innovate and bring in new experiences for players on their system, with many more awards still to come no doubt. Watch this space. 

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