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Friday 24th March 2023 UK Golf Federation GolfBIC Annual Members Dinner
The evening's guest speaker was Martin Slumbers, CEO of the R&A, who shared his insights on the current state of the sport and the future ideas for golf in the UK. Slumbers spoke about the importance of innovation and diversity in golf, as well as the need to attract younger players to the sport. 

The event was organized by Doug Poole, CEO of the UK Golf Federation with Federation chairman Richard Haygarth, speaking about the Federation's ongoing efforts to promote golf in the UK and support its member clubs. Haygarth, emphasized the importance of collaboration within the industry to drive growth and ensure the sustainability of the sport. Attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner and had the opportunity to network and share ideas with other industry professionals. 

The evening was a great success, with attendees expressing their excitement for the future of golf in the UK. "We're thrilled with the success of last night's event and grateful to Martin Slumbers for sharing his insights on the future of golf in the UK." said Doug Poole. "The UK Golf Federation remains committed to supporting our member clubs and promoting the sport of golf across the country. We look forward to working with our partners in the industry to ensure a bright future for golf in the UK." 

The UK Golf Federation is a not-for-profit organization that represents and supports golf facility owners and golf course operators throughout the UK. The Federation's mission is to promote the growth and development of golf in the UK while supporting the sustainability of its member clubs.