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Inrange - A new era for golf entertainment
The National Golf Federation (NGF) recently released data that indicates around 40% of all people who pick up a golf club and swing it, only do so off-course. They spend their afternoons and weekends attending indoor simulator venues and driving ranges. And while the latter has often been seen as an underwhelming affair, and a bit stale - Inrange® Golf’s approach to creating engaging driving range experiences has started to fundamentally change that. 

On top of their already impressive suite of games and courses, Inrange® has just rolled out a new experience that is now live at their partner sites, called Inrange+ Teams. They are the first of any range technology company to have built this functionality which creates a multi-bay experience and allows bays to link together by creating a private party (leaderboard) just for their group, and then compete against another in teams. The feature truly opens up the range to large group events, corporate outings and events that want to create a social golf experience like no other. 

Once each bay in the group is logged in to the event, they play together as teams, with the sole aim of getting enough points in each game to finish on top of their group leaderboard. Live in game UI will indicate who is winning and when a new team has taken the lead - which creates a lot of excitement amongst players. And the system isn’t restricted to local range events only. The software also has the capability of connecting Inrange® bays across the world, which opens up the range to a host of international type events too (think corporate days where the South African office plays against the Germany, UK and Spanish teams all at the same time - but each in their own location). The element of fun is baked into the whole experience and is easy to play, and enjoyable for every player. It was specifically designed to ensure that anyone, of any skill level, can take part and be on the winning team. This is the ‘secret-sauce’ to what will no doubt be an industry defining feature. 

Entertainment savvy business owners have already identified the massive potential within the market, and four Inrange® entertainment golf sites launched across the globe in 2022. And the ball tracking company has agreed deals to launch more than 15 entertainment focussed sites (with various partners) in the next two years alone. 

Further details on these deals will be announced in the coming weeks on the Inrange® social channels. It’s clear that entertainment golf isn’t slowing down any time soon, and anyone who has stood in a bay and experienced the Inrange® way of doing it, can clearly see they are miles ahead of the rest. *The Inrange+ Teams feature is in final BETA testing and will be rolled out across the world by the end of the month. -------------------------- ●

For more information on Inrange® Golf visit their website, and follow them on LinkedIn for the latest news and product innovations from their team