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The UK Golf Federation is thrilled to welcome Target Leisure as its latest Corporate Partner.
Target Leisure, in conjunction with Domonic Developments and RBH production design, is a well-established expert in the leisure industry that specialises in the creation of unique Adventure golf courses that not only generate great returns but also elevate the leisure experience to boost additional revenues and attract more customers to our clients existing facilities. 

The team takes pride in crafting a custom design that is tailored to the specific budget and theme, ensuring that the final product is both inspiring and exceptional. To ensure their clients stand out from the rest, Target Leisure offer fully themed adventure golf courses that create a significant impact and serve as a unique point of interest. The course can be designed around 9,12, 18 or 36 holes ready to accommodate fun and challenging holes for all groups and ages, with clients safe to always count on returning customers. 

Target Leisure believes the following elements should be included to produce a successful adventure golf course: - 
• Interaction. 
• Wheelchair accessible. 
• Water features. 
• Strong theme. 
• Playable holes. 
• Wow factor! 
• Great customer flow. 
• Accessible and visible. 
 Why Adventure Golf? Adventure golf is one of the leisure activities that has stood the test of time and will be here for years to come, as it's open to all ages and incomes. With a well-thought-out design, layout and correct site placement you can bring fun and adventure to the families and friends that come to play. 

Doug Poole, CEO of the UK Golf Federation commented, "It is great to have Target Leisure join us a Corporate Partner in this valuable sector of the golf industry. We all know adventure golf is one of the first places new golfers go to try the game, usually with the whole family, so very instrumental in bringing new players to the game. But! As a business opportunity for our members Adventure Golf is a huge opportunity to grow their businesses and reach further into the local community bringing all the benefits of playing golf to the public. Target Golf design, manage and build from start to finish making adding adventure golf to your business as really easy journey”. 

For more information about the services Target Leisure provides, email Robert Heap on 

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