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The UK Golf Federation Partners with Obbi Golf, an integrated Golf Club management platform for safety, compliance and training.
Obbi Golf, founded by Gareth Macklin, was set up to simplify safety compliance for sports and recreation clubs worldwide through its digital platform, making compliance obligations manageable and accessible for club managers. The company’s growth has been fuelled by a recent £1.25m investment, as well as partnerships with Howden Specialist Insurance Brokers and Fieldfisher LLP, multinational law firm and now, the UK Golf Federation. Obbi Golf is an innovative platform that revolutionises compliance, safety, and training for golf clubs.

By combining all these aspects into one user-friendly solution, Obbi Golf saves valuable time, money, and effectively mitigates risks. What sets Obbi Golf apart is its comprehensive approach, covering every aspect of golf club operations. From staff onboarding to policies, training, quality checks, audits, risk assessments, accident reporting, and even insurance documentation, Obbi Golf simplifies processes by bringing everything together. 

It eliminates the need for multiple solutions like Excel spreadsheets, pen and paper, or separate apps. As a one-stop shop for compliance, safety, and training, Obbi Golf ensures that every staff member, regardless of their role, has a personalised digital passport. This ensures that the right information reaches them at the right time. For example, greenkeepers can easily scan a machine’s QR code to access previous checks, status updates, and personalised instructions. This personalised approach extends to all departments, providing the necessary tools for seamless integration across the entire golf club. 

Developed in collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive and leading insurers, Obbi Golf priorities safety in golf clubs. Unlike traditional audits that offer mere snapshots of compliance at specific times, Obbi Golf streamlines the process with its centralised system. This system effortlessly assists managers to meet legal requirements, reducing the burden on managers with weekly orders, multiple checks, and training updates. 

With Obbi Golf, real-time compliance status is accessible within seconds, replacing outdated filing cabinets with digital visibility. Obbi Golf is a game-changer for golf clubs, providing a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that enhances compliance, safety, and training. Say goodbye to scattered systems and outdated processes—Obbi Golf brings everything together, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation for your golf club. 

Mr Macklin, the company’s managing director, said: "I am absolutely delighted to partner with UK Golf Federation. When we saw their mission to represent, support and champion the needs, opportunities and opinions of golf course owners, operators and participants in the UK - we knew it instantly aligned with our own, to help make golf safer for all.

” For more information, visit their website: ——— Press Release Ends