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BGL achieves 'excellent' group NPS rating as member satisfaction soars
With a portfolio of 10 clubs across the country, this significant rise in member satisfaction showcases the outstanding efforts of BGL in delivering exceptional member experience across each of its 10 clubs. NPS, a metric developed by Bain & Company, is a recognised measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction that generates a score between -100 and 100 Ė it is widely considered that any score above 0 is good, a score above 20 is great, and scores that go above the 50 mark are outstanding. 

BGL's NPS score has shown consistent growth over the past two years, with an average of 49 in 2022 and 47 in 2021, and this year's increase of five points further solidifies the group's commitment to surpassing member expectations. "We are delighted to have achieved an excellent NPS rating for the entire BGL golf portfolio," said Colin Mayes, BGL CEO. "This accomplishment is a testament to the tireless dedication and remarkable efforts of all our teams around the country. We continually strive to exceed member expectations by providing exceptional and friendly service. This outstanding rating gives me immense pride in our team members in every single venue we operate." BGL's impressive NPS rating increase can be attributed to the successes achieved by its clubs. Among the groupís most outstanding performers were Ramsdale Park Golf Centre (Nottinghamshire), which currently boasts a score of 84, with The Shropshire Golf Centre (Shropshire) following closely at 76. 

Additionally, select clubs have enjoyed notable increases, such as Redbourn Golf Club (Hertfordshire), which increased its NPS from 28 (in 2021) to an impressive 63. Aldwickbury Park Golf Club (Hertfordshire) also experienced a significant transformation, raising its NPS from 22 (in 2017) to a commendable 58. The sustained increase in average NPS score reflects the unwavering commitment of BGLís wider team to enhancing member satisfaction and nurturing inclusive communities. Through meticulous attention to detail, investment in internal staff development, commitment to improving facilities, and personalised member experiences, BGL is constantly striving to exceed industry standards and provide a member experience that is second to none. "We believe that exceptional member satisfaction is at the core of our success," added Mayes. "By actively listening to feedback, investing in our facilities, and fostering a positive and inclusive culture within our teams, we believe we can deliver unparalleled experiences for all our valued members." As BGL continues to prioritise member satisfaction, it looks forward to building upon this achievement and further improving its NPS score in years to come. For more information on BGL (Burhill Group Limited), visit, and to explore the BGL Golf venues, visit ENDS