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Obbi Golf Empowers Positive Change in the Golf Industry with Club Safety and Compliance Report 2023
Obbi Golf has been committed to the safety, compliance, and training of golf clubs from they began and the collaboration with industry leaders has played a pivotal role in the success of this survey. The report provides valuable insights into areas where the golf industry can evolve and improve: covering wide range areas such as staff training, certificate management, 

Health & Safety Awareness and legal duty of care along with compliance. These findings collectively underline clubs' strong interest in enhancing safety and compliance measures. 
Confidence in Compliance: Only 35% of surveyed clubs expressed high confidence in having all checks, audits, mandatory certifications, and training fully up-to-date at all times. 
Awareness of Legal Duty of Care: Only 1/3 of clubs reported that most people on their committees or boards are aware of their legal duty of care for the health and safety of staff, members, and visitors. 
General Awareness of Health & Safety Issues: Only 10% of clubs rated the general awareness of health and safety issues in their clubs as "excellent," while 50% indicated that it could be improved. 

Gareth Macklin, CEO of Obbi Golf said, "The need to know what is required for safety and compliance as well as the ability to do it are equally challenging and managers are requesting more education and support from organisations and governing bodies. They find it challenging to handle the cultural shift required by many to prioritise the aspects effectively. Furthermore, they expressed a desire for more discussions amongst managers to share insights on best practices to enhance safety and compliance within their clubs and the wider sector. 

The survey results underline the need for additional education and support for golf club teams, committees, and boards. In response to the survey results, Obbi Golf have worked together with industry experts to provide solution-based articles within the report. 

They have also been working with a wide range of stakeholders in the industry to create a long-term solution for help and support with safety and compliance, and they will be making a significant announcement soon. Obbi Golf extends sincere gratitude to the club managers who participated in this survey. Their valuable input has illuminated the path forward and has allowed Obbi Golf to leverage this feedback to shape impactful solutions. 

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