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Canada’s leading Golf Entertainment venues, LaunchPad Golf, agree exciting new partnership with Inrange
The first LaunchPad venue opened its doors in Calgary in 2021, and they have since established themselves as one of the premier golf entertainment concepts, not just in Canada, but around the world. Step into a LaunchPad venue, with its industrial chic aesthetic, pumping music and best-in-class food and beverage program , and you will see why they call themselves the ultimate golf entertainment venue. 

The Inrange partnership brings Inrange’s new enterprise solution to all LaunchPad venues, with award-winning radar technology, dual-purpose golf practice and entertainment software suite, industry-first "bay-vs-bay” gaming suite, Inrange+ Teams, as well as wider technology and back-end venue management integrations. There’s also a number of proprietary innovations in the works for the partnership. Speaking on their decision to switch to Inrange, Barry Ehlert, CEO of LaunchPad Golf had this to say: "As a business our ultimate goal is to provide our guests with an exceptional guest experience. That means the best cocktails, the best food, the best service, the best atmosphere, and the best technology. We’ve been watching Inrange’s innovation in this space over the last few years, and strongly believe they’re the most exciting and complete range technology platform on the market” Inrange has been leading the evolution in off-course golf, with their radar tracking and dual-purpose customer experience. Recognising that the industry’s customer base is no longer just traditional golfers, they built their software with distinct experiences for golfers and social players. Their methods are paying off with a number of major projects announced around the world in the last few months. Inrange’s latest innovation, Inrange+ Teams, takes their social experience to another level, with bay-vs-bay gaming. They are the first range technology with this capability, enabling their partners to tap into the lucrative corporate events market; as well as global team competitions - which have never before been possible. LaunchPad Golf join a growing number of major golf entertainment groups selecting Inrange as their range technology partner, following the announcement earlier in the year that Back 9 Golf & Entertainment (USA) have also signed a long-term partnership with the business. -------------------------- 

● For more information on Inrange Golf visit their website, and follow them on LinkedIn for the latest news and product innovations from their team 

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