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Woodcote Park Golf Club

18 Hole Golf Course, Long & Short Game Practice Areas

Woodcote Park is a part parkland, part downland course measuring 6,814 yards, making it one of the longer courses in the county.

Founded in 1912, the course at Woodcote Park consists of two parts - eight holes at the "top" of the course and on the same level as the clubhouse, and ten holes which slope down about 150 feet to flat ground before gradually rising again to the original level.

Originally, Woodcote Grove Estate Ltd owned the land and leased it to the members. In 1950 the whole freehold of the land and premises was purchased by members, since then a great deal of course development has taken place.

The top eight holes, once known as "the field", is now unrecognisable as such and trees separate some of the best fairways in Surrey. Holes 1 to 5 form part of the top eight, before players cross the path that runs from outside the clubhouse at the end of Meadow Hill Bridle Way to The Mount. Holes 6 to 15 run in a roughly anti-clockwise direction before players re-cross the path to holes 16, 17 and 18, which run anti-clockwise around the first five holes back to the clubhouse.

The course is situated on top of the Downs so the wind often plays an important role in determining the success or otherwise of a round. For instance, although the 6th and 11th holes measure almost exactly the same, the prevailing south-westerlies turn them into two complete opposites when playing.

Woodcote  Park Golf Club has one of the best practising facilities in Surrey. 

The  facilities comprise both short and long game areas.

Set just a few minutes walk from the clubhouse, the main bays of the long game area are beautifully flanked by two Giant 'Redwood' Sequoia trees.

The long range enables practising golfers the ability of being able to hit balls full driving distance. 

Just behind the rear of the Clubhouse the first area is for practising short irons (The Short Game Area). In one corner there is a green with three pin positions and two bunkers.

At the other end of the Short Game Area there is another large green for short irons shots. Shots of up to 100 yards can be played into a 'bowled' practice green area.

A little further on from the Short Game area is the Long Game Area where the Driving Range is located. This includes several teeing areas, including a covered shelter area.

Distance markers are set out at 50 yard intervals and up to 250 yards, although the Driving Range extends for over 300 yards.