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  • Free - Venue Membership giving lots of benefits for your business
  • Free - Health and Safety inspection for your golf facilities
  • Free - Entry to Bookers wholesale rebate discount programme
  • Free - Business Support HelpLine on tax, VAT and legal issues
  • Free - Partnership with the British Golf Show

There's loads more benefits to membership and lots more to come so why not join free today. Join us free to promote your business at the British Golf Show from our stand. Create event packages here to bring new customers to your golf facility.

To set up your British Golf Show events you must first be joined as a venue owner here. It's free and very quick to do. Once you have joined simply go to your 'My Account' page and create an event that show visitors can sign-up to.

Are you already listed?

Before you sign-up as a venue owner/manager please check to see if we have already listed you on the site. Go to the venues page and search for your venue by name or location. Search venues 

NOTE: When creating your event make sure you select the category 'British Golf Show Event' so that we can promote it here on this site and at the show.

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